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Departmental Profile

HOD:  Dr. S. Y. Ket


Contact No:+91-22-26707026
Extn No:111
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Computer Engineering

The department of Computer engineering was established in the year 1995. The prime focus of the department is imparting quality practical education. Our students are of high caliber and set to redefining the world of computing. The department gives equal importance to curricular and co-curricular activities for fostering the overall development of the students. The department conducts various seminars for preparing them for various aptitude tests and interviews.
Intake Capacity
UG 120 seats
Moreover, the department organizes different training programs like campus connect initiated by Infosys and other leading industries. The department has departmental library which has all the important textbooks, conference proceeding and journal. This is besides the central library which is very well equipped. The faculty actively participates in research and consultancy work. The department has always been on a high growth path and has experienced and dedicated faculty with a strong commitment to engineering education.

Our Vision

  • Provide quality education to create IT Professionals of global standard by keeping pace with rapidly changing technologies to serve Industry and Society.

Our Mission

  • To educate students to be professionally competent for Industry.
  • To provide a learning ambience to enhance innovisions, problem solving skills and leadership qualities.
  • To inculcate awareness towards societal and cultural needs

Program Education Objective

  • Preparation: To prepare students become generalist engineers with system’s thinking for complex problem solving and steer the organization towards higher studies at global level.
  • Core Competence: To provide students with the necessary background in mathematical, scientific, engineering fundamentals and technical skills to work professionally in one or more of the following areas: computer hardware and software design, computer-based systems, computer network design, system integration, automation.
  • Breadth: To develop the ability among student to synthesize data and technical concept for application to design Software. To make students analyze and evaluate the relative merits of designing, computing and algorithmic approaches.
  • Professionalism: To inculcate the value systems, leadership and team work, skills, bring holistic development of personality, professional ethics and to promote entrepreneurial thinking among students.

Program Specific Outcome

  • PSO1:An ability to apply the knowledge of Computer Engineering to design the system with recent tends like IoT.
  • PSO2:An ability to solve complex Computer Engineering problems, using latest technical tools with analytical skills for achieving optimized solutions to encourage research.
  • PSO3:To inculcate business skills, ethical responsibility and team work to become a successful Entrepreneur among the students.

Program Outcome

  • Graduates will familiarize with the fundamentals of basic sciences, electronics, electronic design automation, and mathematics, and how these are used in computers and computer-based systems.
  • Graduates will familiarize with the fundamentals of computer organization and architecture, data structures and related algorithms, and programming languages.
  • Graduates will exhibit ability to apply engineering knowledge in an ethically responsible manner for the good of society.
  • Graduates will exhibit to design and implement a computer system including processor, memory and I/O system, compiler,operating system, and local area network interface.
  • Graduates will evaluate alternate assumptions, approaches, procedures, tradeoffs, and results related to engineeringproblems.
  • Graduates will exhibit to participate in the various roles in a team and understand how they contribute to accomplishing thetask at hand.
  • Graduates will excel to lead a small team of student engineers performing a laboratory exercise or design project.
  • Graduates will be effective to use written and oral communications to document work and present project results.
  • Graduates will develop an attitude to participate and succeed in competitive examinations like GATE, GRE..


Departmental Advisory Committees:

1. Dr. Udhav Bhosle, Principal, RGIT(In the Chair)
2. Mr. Aneish Kumar, Bank of New York, Mellon Corporation
3. Mr. Shekhar Kulkarni, TCS, Mumbai
4. Mr. Dnyaneshwar kamble, TCS, Mumbai
5. Mr. Raj Jadhav, D-Link, India
6. Dr. S. G. Bhirud, VJTI, Mumbai
7. Dr. R. N. Awale, VJTI, Mumbai
8. Dr. M. M. Chandane, VJTI, Mumbai
9. Mr. Rakesh Raut, Wipro, Mumbai (Alumni)
10. Mr. Vinay Pillai (Alumni)
11. Ms. Prathana Raika (Alumni)umni)
12. Mr. Siddharth Mallya (Alumni)
13. Ms. Ritika Singh(Alumni)
14. Senior staff members from computer Engineering and IT Department, RGIT


Departmental Committees:

Sr. No. Name of the Committees Nominated Members
1 Project Convener: Mr. S. P. Khachane

Project Co-coordinator:

    Mrs. Sonali Jadhav
    Mr. Suresh Mestry
    Ms. Anita LAhane
    Mrs. Niti Desai
    Mrs. M. N. Warade
2 Departmental Professional Bodies[ CESS, ACM ]
    Dr. Satish Y. Ket
    Mr. S. P. Khachane
    Mr. D. M. Dalgade
    Mr. B. M. Patil
    Ms. Anita Lahane
3 Departmental Research Committee:
    Dr. Satish.Y.Ket
    Dr. S. S.Gaikwad
    Mrs. Jyoti Deshmukh
    Mr. G.M. Borkar
    Mrs. Sumitra Sadhukhan
4 Training & Placement Committee:
    Dr. S. S.Gaikwad
    Mr. B. N. Panchal
5 Departmental Library Committee
    Dr. S.Y.Ket
    Mrs. Sonali Jadhav
    Mrs. S. V. Lade
    Mrs. P. P. Parate
    Mrs. M.N.Warade
6 Departmental Dead Stock Verification
    Mr. D.S.Kale
    Mr. Suresh Mestry
    All Lab Assistants
7 Mid Term Test Exam & T.W. Assessment Committee
    Mrs. Preeti Satao
    Ms. Kaajal Sharma
    Mr. sonu sable
8 Departmental Labortory Development
    Dr. Satish Y. Ket
    Mr. D.P.Kapse
    Mr. D.S.Kale
    Dr. S.S.Gaikwad
    Mr. G.M. Borkar
9 Depaartmental Computer Hardwere Maintenance
    Mr. B. M. Patil
    Mr.P. B. Yadav
    Mr. Ismail Patel
    Mr. Avinash Bhisikar
10 Departmental Descipline Committee
    Dr. S.Y.Ket
    Mr. S.P.Khachane
    Mr. D.P.Kapse
    Dr. S.S.Gaikwad
    Mrs. J. A. Deshmukh
    Mr. G.M. Borkar
    Mr. B. N. Panchal
    Mrs. Naina Kaushik
11 Result Analysis Committee:
    Mr. D. P. Kapse
    Mr. B. M. Patil
    Ms. Anital Lahane
    Ms. Priyanka Bhilare
    Ms. Shilpa Jadhao
    Mr. Dipak Gaikar
12 Departmental Time Table Committee
    Ms. Shilpa Jadhao
    Ms. Priyanka Bhilare
13 Curriculum and Extra curriculum Activity Comittee
    Mrs. S.V. Lade
14 Documentation commitee
    Dr. Satish.Y.Ket
    Dr. S. S.Gaikwad
    Ms. Kaajal Sharma
    Mrs. M.N.Warade
15 Industrial Visit Co-ordinator
    Mr. D. M. Dalgade
    Mr. G. M. Borkar
    Mrs. Preeti Satao

Class advisors:

1 S.E. Div. A -  Ms. Shilpa Jadhao
Div. B -  Mrs. S. V. Lade
2 T.E. Div. A -  Ms. Priyanka Bhilare
Div. B -  Mrs. Sumitra Sadhukhan
3 B.E.

Div. A -  Prof.Suresh Mestry
Div. B -  Mrs. J. A. Deshmukh



Lab Incharges:

Sr. No. Name of the Lab. Name of the Staff
1 Lab – 1 (DBMS Lab) Ms.Anita Lahane
2 Lab – 2 (Internet & Cybernet Lab) Dr. S.S.Gaikwad
3 Lab – 3 (Soft. Engg.Lab) Mr. B.N.Panchal
4 Lab – 4 (Computer Graphics Lab) Mrs. S.V.Lade
5 Lab – 5 (Image Processing Lab) Mr. G.M. Borkar
6 Lab – 6( Microprocessor Lab) Ms. Shilpa Jadhao
7 Lab – 7 (Linux Lab) Mrs.Preeti Satao
8 Lab-8(Multimedia Systems Lab) Mrs. Jyoti Deshmukh



1 Computer Centre
2 Computer Graphics Lab
3 Software Engineering Lab
4 Cyber net and Computer Networks Lab
5 Database and Advanced Database Lab
6 Multimedia and Applications Lab
7 Operating Systems Lab
8 Artificial Intelligence Lab
9 Computer Hardware and Microprocessor Lab
10 Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab (shared with EXTC Dept.)
11 Basic Communication Lab (shared with EXTC Dept.)
12 Digital signal Processing Lab (shared with EXTC Dept.)
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