Little bit about us....

The SOCH is a student chapter of “Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology”, Mumbai which aims at overall social reformation of the society. As the saying, “Children are like white cement, anything that falls on them makes an impression.”, we believe in social and moral responsibilities of an individual in the academic stages only, so as to contribute to the making of responsible and honest citizens. We attempt to bring adjustment between the resources available and felt needs of the people and the environment. 

Ms. Tejashree Khedkar, a graduate of RGIT, with a collective effort of many students and staff founded The SOCH in the year 2014. Her fundamental idea was to bring a social work wing in RGIT. Mr. Amit Ghule and Mr. Rahul Agarwal, graduates of RGIT, had a major role in the formation and progress of the organisation. Also, Dr. K. G. Choudhari, Prof D. K. Chakradev and Prof. S. S. Patil contributed a lot for the same. The collective efforts of so many unnamed has brought us to the level we are at.

“What’s in a name?” said Shakespeare. Turns out, it has a great deal of significance for an organisation. The SOCH got its name when the students were deep in thought, prodding each other, “Socho kuch”.  The result was The SOCH. It was given a complete name, The Social Organization for Conserving Humanity, later.

The SOCH has been exponentially growing since its inception with overwhelming response from students, teaching and non-teaching staff alike. One of the biggest milestones was having the mother of orphans, Dr. Sindhutai Sapkal, at the inauguration ceremony. Since then the organisation has conducted various activities for the greater good.

In the crowd of a billion people of our country complaining about the traffic and discussing the stereotyped politicians whilst bribing the traffic cops on the way to a government office in order to get an application signed, the typical R. K. Lakshman’s ‘common man’ is buried in the commotion of the distorted definitions of a society. It is times like these when a thought reverberates in the minds of individuals willing to lend a hand to this poor guy pulling him out of his misery. One step after another. One thought at a time. Being budding engineers, we attempt to provoke ideas for the welfare of the community.  

The SOCH shall definitely continue to thrive along with our society as a whole. Everything great, was a mere thought once. What we do is what we think. This is a power that exceeds all. This is the power of thoughts. Your SOCH.