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Following are the various commitees at the institute level,

Academic Committee:

All HOD’s and Professors, Associate Professors and Senior Assitant Professors are members of academic Committee.

Time Table Committee:

1 Prof. D.P. Kapse Convener
2 Prof. Nazahat Balur EXTC
3 Prof. Chhaya Hinge
Prof. Anuja Kadam
4 Prof. Mukund Walse MECH
5 Prof. Yogita Ganage I.T.
6 Prof.Priyanka Bhilare COMP
7 Prof. Rohini Ghule / Dr. Pallavi Mahalle AS & H

Library Committee:

1 Prof. N.K. Deshmukh Convener - MECH
2 Prof.Satyam Sadala INST
3 Prof. Jyoti Deshmukh COMP
4 Prof. Ankush Hutke I.T.
5 Prof. S.R.Bhoyar EXTC
6 Prof.B.B.Sawant AS & H
7 Mr. Sameer Kadam LIB

Placement Committee:

1 Prof. Vishwanath Malji Convener-TPO
2 Dr. S.S. Gaikwad
Prof. Bhavesh Panchal
3 Prof. A.G. Londhekar
Prof. V.B.Sawant
4 Prof.Jayant Mahajan
Prof. Arvind Sangale
5 Prof.A.E.Patil I.T.
6 Prof. Anuja Kadam INST

Alumni Committee:

1 Prof. S.D. Patil Convener - EXTC
2 Prof.S.K.Gabhane EXTC.
3 Prof.S.P.Khachane COMP
4 Prof.N.K.Deshmukh MECH.
5 Prof. Anuja Kadam INST
6 Prof.A.E.Patil I.T.
7 Dr.K.G.Chaudhari AS&H
8 Prof.Vishwanath Malji TPO

ISO Committee:

1 Prof. S.K. Gabhane M.R.
2 Prof. A.E. Patil D.M.R.
3 Prof.A.G. Londhekar D.M.R.
4 Shri.H.W. Patne EXTC
5 Ms.Sumedha Desai OFFICE
6 Ms.Manisha Warade COMP
7 Ms.Vishakha Kanojia T & P

Canteen Committee:

1 Prof. S.K. Gabhane Convener - EXTC
2 Prof. Preeti Satao COMP
3 Prof.Nilesh Shahapure MECH
4 Prof. Rahul Chaurasia AS & H
5 Prof. R.G. Sharma INST
6 Prof. Yogita Ganane I.T.

Students Affairs Committee (Technical):

1 Prof. R.N.Shanmukha Convener -AS&H
2 Prof. Mukund Walse Convene-MECH
3 Dr. Pallavi Mahalle Convene-AS&H
4 Prof. R.G.Sharma INST.
5 Prof. Priya Parate COMP.
6 Prof. S.K.Sabnis I.T.
7 Prof. Prasad Soman EXTC.

Students Affairs Committee (Cultural):

1 Prof. R.N Shanmukha Convener- AS&H
2 Prof. Mukund Walse Convener- MECH
3 Dr. Pallavi Mahalle Convener-AS & H    
4 Prof. Sanjana Repal EXTC.
5 Prof. Deepak Gaikar COMP.
6 Prof. Govind Wakure IT.
7 Prof. Deepali Joshi EXTC

R & D Committee & KVIC committee :

1 Dr. S.S.Gaikwad Convener-Comp
2 Prof. Nilesh Shahapure MECH
3 Prof. Nilesh Rathod IT
4 Dr. Y. S. Patil AS & H
5 Prof. Ankita Malhotra EXTC
6 Prof. Satyam Sadala INST

Electrical maintenance Committee:

1 Prof. P.B. Gawande Convener-INST
2 Prof. A.B. Bedke INST.
3 Shri. G.H. Bhangale INST
4 Shri. R.Y. Narangwade INST
5 Shri.P.N.Zade INST

Server maintenance / Internet committee:

1 Prof. Swapnil Gharat Convener-IT
2 Prof. Suresh Mestry COMP
3 Prof. D. Dhangar COMP
4 Mr. P.B. Yadav COMP

Lift Maintenance Committee:

1 Prof. A.B. Bedke Convener-INST
2 Prof.S.Y.Gothankar EXTC.
3 Shri. Vijay Bhangare EXTC

Website Development Committee:

1 Prof. Govind Wakure Convener-IT
2 Prof. Priyanka Bhilare
Prof. Sumitra Sadhukhan
3 Mr.Deepak Gaikar COMP.
4 Prof.Piyush Dave
Prof. Pratishka Patil
5 Prof.Rehan Siddhiqui
Prof. Priyanka Deshmukh
6 Shalini Sharma
Prof. Rahul Chaurasia
AS &H.
7 Prof. Vidya kamankar
Prof. Dipali Joshi
8 Mr. Ismail Patel COMP.
9 Prof. Anushree Deshmukh IT.

Computer Maintenance Committee:

1 Prof. B.M. Patil Convener COMP
2 Prof. D.P. Kapse COMP.
3 Prof. Bhavesh Panchal COMP.
4 Prof. Dnyaneshwar Dhangar COMP
5 Mr. Avinash Bhisikar COMP

Software Development Cell:

1 Prof. D.M. Dalgade Convener-COMP
2 Prof.Ankush Hutke IT.
3 Prof. Ankur Ganorkar EXTC.
4 Prof. Priya Parate COMP
5 Mr. R.P. Ingle EXTC
6 Mr. kajal Vartak MECH

Water cooler/Water Purifier/A.C. Maintenance Committee:

1 Prof.N.N. Bhostekar Convener-MECH
2 Shri.J.L.Jadhav MECH
3 Shri.J.M.Hajare MECH
4 Mr.Rajesh Sangle MECH.

Intercom Committee:

1 Prof. Ankur Ganorkar EXTC
2 Shri.H.W.Patne EXTC
3 Shri.Dilip Bhoite EXTC

General maintenance Committee/Fire Fighting:

1 Prof.R.Y. Kurne Convener- W/S
2 Mr.R.D.Darokar W/S
3 Mr.S.M.Hazare W/S
4 Mr.N.R.Wankar W/S
5 Mr. R.S. Biradar W/S

Sports/ NSS Committee:

1 Prof.Prathamesh Potdar Convener-MECH
2 Prof. D. Dhangar COMP
3 Prof. Prasad Soman EXTC
4 Prof. Prof. R.G. Sharma
Prof. Chaaya Hinge
5 Prof. S.S. Patil AS &H
6 Prof. Swapnil Gharat I.T.

Yoga Committee:

1 Prof.S.K.Gabane Convener- EXTC
2 Prof. A.E.Patil I.T.
3 Prof. S.D.Patil EXTC
4 Prof. Prasad Soman EXTC
5 Mr. Ravi Darokar W/S
6 MS. Jayshree Patil ACCT
7 MS. Megha Patne OFFICE
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