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Dr.Kiran Chaudhari

(HOD. Applied Science Department)

Contact No:+91-22-26707026
Extn No:110
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Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities

        Knowledge in basic sciences is an essential ingredient of any professional course. Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities offers Applied Sciences and Humanities Courses as prescribed by the curriculum of the Mumbai University in the first year engineering program. Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities imparts the knowledge of fundamental sciences and mathematics to students of all the engineering disciplines as the backbone of engineering and technology is formed by these subjects. So, there is a need to build a strong foundation for the prospective and promising Engineers. The Department is backed by well-educated, talented and dedicated faculty members to fulfill this task. The subjects taught by teachers of this department are of prime importance for all round growth and development of students. Teachers are always ready to guide their students. The Department has the following labs equipped with all the latest techniques, instruments and softwares to perform the practical of first year engineering course as per the syllabus of Mumbai University.

    * Applied Physics Lab   * Applied Chemistry Lab
    * Computer Centre        * Mechanics Lab
    * Auto Cad Lab               * Sci Lab
    * Drawing Hall                * Workshop
    * Basic Electrical and Electronics Lab



        The Department envisions to impart quality and outcome based education in Basic Sciences and Humanities for enabling students to pursue core engineering courses through orientation of Applied Sciences.


  • To introduce students to engineering domain to develop interdisciplinary competencies in Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, EnvironmentalStudies and Communication Skills.
  • To enhance and enable mathematical aptitude of studentsto applymathematical theories and principles in the multidisciplinary branches of engineering.
  • To enable students to use the knowledge & skills of basic engineeringsciences to analyze and solve complex problems.
  • To develop linguistic and communication competence of the students to enable them to communicate effectively.
  • To inculcate social values, ethics, team work and respect each other to enhance social commitment.
  • To enhance student’s presentation skills and train them in writing technical documents like technical reports, proposals, presentations, etc.
  • To imbibe strong respect for business and professional ethics and enhance management and financial skills of students.

Departmental Committees:

Sr. No. Name of the Committees Nominated Members
1 Time Table Prof. Rohini Ghule
Dr. Pallavi Mahalle
Mr. R.S. Salunkhe
2 Midterm Test

    Prof.Rahul Chaurasiya
    Mr. Rajendra Salunke
    Mr. Santosh Dhuri
3 Departmental Library
    Dr.Pallavi Mahalle
4 Stock Verification
5 Documentation Team
    Dr. K.G.Chaudhari
    Dr. Y.S.Patil
    Dr. N.D.Kapse
    Prof. Rohini Ghule
    Prof. D.K.Chakradev
    All lab assistants
6 Result Analysis
    Dr. K.G.Chaudhari
    Dr. Pallavi Mahalle
7 Parent Feedback Analysis
    Prof. B.B.Sawant
    Prof. S.S.Patil
8 Academic Discipline Committee
    Dr. K.G.Chaudhari
    Dr. N.D.Kapse
    Dr. Y.S.Patil
    Prof. B.B.Sawant
    Prof. D.K.Chakradev
    Prof. R.N.Shanmukha
9 Website Committee
    Prof. Shalini Sharma
    Prof. Rahul Chaurasiya


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